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Incorporated in 2017, FINSTICK Innovations is backed by highly motivated professionals in the fields of internet technology, telecommunications, smart cards and cryptography, mobile payments, and value-added services.

With our average 20+ years of field experience and several invention patents, our team is bearing the best practices of software design and development, as well as optimization of algorithms, conceptualization, and integration of complex IT systems.

Our latest values are high-tech solutions in the emerging markets of fintech, blockchain, community management, and retail. We love complex problems gladly developing non-trivial solutions.

Our competencies

Mobile payments

Software development

Contacless technology

EMV smart cards

Online transactions

Mobile applications

Access control

IT security

Mobile telecommunications

(U)SIM cards and personalization


Technical consulting

System integration

Contactless payments

Strong development background

Discover Blockchain

Experts in client-server architectures, blockchain systems, and mobile applets with a user-friendly interface we help our customers in building innovative solutions designed for a wide range of applications.

We never offer hype technologies to our customers. Instead, we strive to reach the best performance at the lowest cost achieving end-user satisfaction.


Generate revenue and optimize operation cost

We do not just design and develop the software which enables saving and earning, but we also integrate secure and reliable blockchain-based solutions, allowing our partners and customers to bring the secure data storage and transaction processing to a new higher level of efficiency.

Extensive system integration portfolio

Integrate and operate frictionless systems

We design and develop optimized and cost-efficient solutions having predefined turn-key parameters not just for our own projects. We also pleased doing it for our customers upon demand and according to their needs. By ordering from FINSTICK Innovations you shall always have the highest quality service and software.


Our ongoing projects


COINDOCTOR™ is a unique offer for companies that are interested in Blockchain, but have no in-house competencies in this technology, as well as for startups that have already conducted a successful ICO, but are later faced with the problem of fulfilling their obligations related to the implementation of the MVP or the final solution.

Our offer consists of a full range of services, from the creation of project documentation and proof of concept through the design and development of a working model or MVP to the implementation of a commercial system based on the Blockchain.

COINDOCTOR™ shall take care of all technical aspects and prepare your company for the successful launch of either MVP or full-featured solution or both in accordance with the Functional Requirements Specification.

Liquid Bonus™ (LiqBon™)

Liquid Bonus™ (LiqBon™) is a versatile non-expiring irrevocable reward point designed for electronic tips and other individual bonuses. It can also be used for retail customer acquisition campaigns, promotions, and even for the loyalty systems roaming.
LiqBon™ is fully interoperable and has no legacy loyalty program holding it back.

Club LiqBon™ (liqbon.club) - is a free complimentary marketing tool aimed at unlocking the retail market potential by "activating" dormant customers who are motivated but don't visit. It is primarily focused on a wide range of smaller market players who have either failed to introduce their own closed customer acquisition and development system or have launched it but can't compete with larger players. At the same time, Club LiqBon™ allows users to collect Liquid Bonuses™ from different market players and easily ‘monetize’ them at their next purchase elsewhere.

Driven by the disrupting Blockchain solution invented by FINSTICK Innovations, the Liquid Bonus™ ecosystem provides a unique combination of throughput, reliability, and security, eliminating most of the mass-market frictions related to the complexity and costliness of modern loyalty and customer acquisition programs.

Our Team

We are skilled and experienced enthusiasts who have spent from twenty to twenty five years working for telecommunications, smart-card industry, cryptography and IT security, system integration, service provisioning and outsourcing. Our employees and partners are bearing the best practices of software design and development, optimization of algorithms, conceptualization and integration of complex IT systems.


About Liquid Bonus LiqBon™

Liquid Bonus™ Breaks Stereotypes

We have invented the Liquid Bonus LiqBon™ and released it for free circulation as the world's first universal and independent incentive tool that works equally well for the benefit of all users, from individuals, buyers and small traders to large manufacturers and international retail chains...

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Liquid Bonus™ Properties

Unlike the existing proprietary corporate loyalty programs with their illiquid points and miles, the open Liquid Bonus™ ecosystem allows free cross-business and cross-border use of LiqBon™ rewards. Your accumulated LiqBon™ rewards cannot be nullified since they are stored in a global registry where absolutely all operations are recorded so they can not be just erased...

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Community-driven smart shopping

Marketplaces and retail aggregators compile their offers according to their own rules, first showing what is the most profitable to them. At the same time, far from all sellers and suppliers can be represented there for various reasons. Club LiqBon™ enables direct frictionless interaction between buyers and suppliers (manufacturers) without going through intermediaries represented by retail chains and marketplaces...

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Press release

Liquid Bonus® Loyalty, the global, interoperable, loyalty blockchain platform, launches its Early Bird Crowd-Sale

Moscow, January 2018 - The Liquid Bonus® Loyalty is announcing its first Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in order to grow and develop its business worldwide.

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FINSTICK Innovations Announces Successful Proof of Concept for Blockchain - driven Liquid Bonus® Loyalty Aggregation Medium.

Moscow, 10 November 2017 - FINSTICK Innovations have successfully completed a Proof of Concept (PoC) based on the Blockchain driven Liquid Bonus® Loyalty Aggregation Medium.

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We love the most difficult problems that have not been solved by our predecessors. If you have an idea, but no clue how it can be put on track, then we will be happy to discuss such an opportunity.

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